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The Most Original Cosplays for 2024 : Inspiration and Tips

The Most Original Cosplays for 2024 : Inspiration and Tips

In the cosplay world, originality is the key to stand out and impress. Every year, new characters, movies, video games and trends emerge, offering cosplay enthusiasts a multitude of new creative possibilities. For the year 2024, we have selected a list of original cosplay that promise to make a sensation on the cosplay scene. Whether you are a beginner or a veteran of cosplay, these ideas will inspire you to create unique and memorable costumes.


Cosplays of Indie Video Games

With the rise of the independent video game industry, many iconic characters have emerged, offering cosplayers the opportunity to stand out with original costumes. Independent video games characters such as "Hollow Knight", "Celeste", "Undertale" and others feature distinctive designs and compelling stories that are perfect for cosplay.

Cosplayers can draw their inspiration from these rich and varied universes, recreate with precision the unique details of these characters, from costumes to accessories, for a breathtaking final result.

Whether you are a fan of different platforms, narrative adventures or role-playing games, independent video games offer an endless source of opportunities to express your passion for cosplay and impress your audience at conventions, exhibitions or thematic events.


Cosplays Inspired by Asian Pop Culture

Asian TV series, movies and cartoons continue to gain popularity globally, providing an endless source of inspiration for passionate cosplayers. Iconic characters from animated series such as "Demon Slayer", "My Hero Academia", "Attack on Titan" and others captivate the imagination of fans and inspire admiration with their distinctive designs and fascinating stories.

Cosplayers can tap into this rich and diverse universe to create unique and visually stunning cosplays that will capture the very essence of the characters they love. Whether you are a fan of mobile games such as Genshin Impact or a fan of manga and traditional anime, the options are endless to express your creativity and passion for Asian pop culture through cosplay.

At conventions, salons and cosplay events, these authentic and carefully crafter costumes are sure to catch the eye and stand out from the crowd, while celebrating your love for these iconic works of contemporary Asian culture.


Cosplays of Crossover

Crossover cosplays, where characters from different franchises meet, are a fun and creative way to showcase your love for multiple universes.

Imagine, for example, a crossover between iconic characters from "Star Wars" and "Harry Potter", fusing the magic of Hogwarts with the galaxy far, far away. Or experience an epic mashup of legendary Marvel superheroes and iconic Game of Thrones characters, combining the power of the Avengers with the intricate plot and rivalries of Westeros. The possibilities to combine different worlds are endless and offer great creative freedom for passionate cosplayers. Whether you're a fan of science fiction, fantasy, superheroes or everything in between, crossover cosplays allow you to explore new horizons and push the boundaries of your imagination.

At conventions, cosplay events or photo ops, these unique and old cosplays are sure to arouse admiration and attention, while celebrating your passion for the diversity of modern pop culture universes.


Cosplays Inspired by 90 Cult Movies and TV Shows

Immerse yourself in the nostalgia of the 90s by recreating iconic characters from your favorite movies and series of this iconic decade.

From cult movie heroes like "Jurassic Park", "Matrix", "Titanic" and more, to unforgettable characters from iconic TV series like "Friends", "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", "X-Files" and more, 90s inspired cosplays allow you to relive the era and revive memories with authentic costumes and retro accessories. Whether it's for a convention, a theme party or simply to celebrate your love for this iconic decade, 90s cosplays are fun and nostalgic way to capture the spirit of this unforgettable time.

Fans of the 90s pop culture will find immense pleasure in recreating their favorite characters and sharing their passion with others at cosplay events or through social networks. With their retro aesthetic and timeless charm, 90s cosplays continue to captivate the imagination and seduce fans around the world, recalling the glorious days of this iconic decade of pop culture.


Female and Empowering Character Cosplays

This year is a great opportunity to celebrate the strong and inspiring female characters of popular culture.

From action movie heroines to fantasy video game warriors, female character cosplays offer a unique opportunity to showcase women's empowerment through impressive costumes and dynamic poses. Cosplayers can tap into a wild range of iconic female characters, from Marvel and DC Comics superheroes to epic warriors from franchises such as " Game of Thrones" or "Lara Croft", to embody powerful figures of courage and determination. Whether it's playing justice icons like Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel, or fearless rebels like Furiosa by "Mad Max : Fury Road", cosplays of strong and empowered female characters celebrate diversity, the resilience and power of women in popular culture.

At conventions, cosplay events or photo ops, these inspiring cosplays capture attention and inspire fans around the world, offering a positive and inspiring portrayal of women in media and culture.


Cosplays of Cult Book and Comic Book Characters

Book and comic book adaptations continue to inspire cosplayers around the world.

From iconic characters from iconic literary sagas like "Harry Potter" , "The Lord Of the Rings", "Games of Thrones" and more to legendary superheroes from Marvel and DC Comics, cosplays based on literary works and comics offer a unique opportunity to give life to long loved characters. Cosplayers can tap into a vast reservoir of iconic characters, ranging from sorcerers and fantasy elves to masked vigilantes and superheroes with extraordinary powers, to accurately recreate the unique details of these beloved characters . Whether it's playing the brave Harry Potter, the legendary elf Legolas, or The Amazing Spider-Man, cosplays of cult book and comic book characters celebrate imagination, adventure and heroism through the ages.

During conventions, cosplay events or photo shoots, these iconic cosplays captivate the imagination and arouse the admiration of fans around the world, offering a faithful and authentic representation of the heroes and heroines who have marked our lives and our imaginations.


Cosplays of Original Creations

Finally, why not let your imagination run wild and create your own original character? Design a unique Costume, invent a captivating story and bring your own hero or heroine to life.

Cosplays of original creations allow total artistic expression and offer a chance to shine on the cosplay scene with a fully personalized costume. Cosplayers can tap into their overflowing imagination to design unique and original characters, mixing different styles, genres and influences to create something truly unique. Whether it's to embody a futuristic warrior, a star magician or an interdimensional adventurer, original creation cosplays offer unlimited artistic freedom to explore new horizons and push the limits of creativity.

At conventions, cosplay events or photo ops, these original and inventive cosplays attract attention and arouse admiration, offering a unique and personal representation of the human imagination in all its glory. By celebrating creativity and originality, cosplay original creations inspire cosplayers around the world to unleash their imagination and create something truly extraordinary.



Want to show off your Cosplay to other likeminded individuals? Don’t forget to check out your local conventions. At conventions, or “Cons”, such as Comic-Con, Otakuthon and FanExpo, fans from all over join together to celebrate all the different fandoms that they follow. Most fans even show up in cosplay!

Conventions are a great place to meet other ‘nerds’ and bond over new episode of your favorite shows, the latest plot twist in your favorite anime and different ways to master your favorite TTRPG (Tabletop Roleplaying Game). The limit does not exist to how much fun you can have!


Convention Must-Haves for Cosplayers

  1. Setting Spray

A good setting spray will always rank very highly on any cosplayers must haves for a long con day. They are excellent for making sure that you makeup lasts all day and for giving your face a little refresher in humid/hot convention centers.

  1. Makeup Touch-up Kit

Bringing a touch-up kit to a con is essential for cosplayers who are wearing heavy amounts of makeup. For characters with different skin tones, this is extra essential as water-based body paint can easily come off with sweat or when washing your hands.

  1. Adhesives

Extra lash, prosthetic, prop and wig glue are always good to have on hand at a convention. Given how crowded and humid some conventions can get, there is always a chance that something from your cosplay can break or get unstuck. To fix any last-minute mishaps, we recommend for you to bring any extra adhesives (and dissolvents if applicable) with you in a separate disposable bag. Having any glues in a separate bag is always a good idea to avoid getting adhesive on any of your valuables. 

  1. Mini-First Aide Kit

During long cons, people occasionally get so caught up in the excitement that they forget to put themselves first. Don’t forget to bring a water bottle, bandages, a change of comfortable shoes (for those whose cosplay character is wearing uncomfortable shoes such as high-heels), as well as any medication that you normally take. If you ever get overwhelmed or start to overheat, don’t hesitate to step outside and get some fresh air, or to check in at the first-aid center.


2024 promises to be an exciting year for cosplayers, with a multitude of creative options to explore. Whether you choose to draw inspiration from video game characters, movies, books or create your own original creation, the cosplay world is your playground. So grab your scissors, brushes and imagination, and dive into the cosplay adventure in this year full of promise.