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BEN NYE Alcohol Palette 5 Colors

$55.98 CAD

BEN NYE Alcohol concealer Palette

BEN NYE Alcohol-Activated Concealer and Tattoo cover Palettes. AAP palettes size: 6 g./0.2oz. Other BEN NYE Alcohol Palette 5 available. Primary Palette: AAP-01 Black, Red, Yellow, Blue White Bruise Palette: AAP-03 Dark Burgundy, Golden Yellow, Violet Olive Green, Midnight Blue Tooth Palette: AAP-05 Black, Nicotine, Fresh Blood, Green Rot, Decay Body Art Palette: AAP-07 Vintage Black, Rose Red, Green, Bright Yellow, Vintage Green Undead Palette: AAP-09 Rice Paper, Vein Tone, Lividity, Dark Grey, Vile Bile
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Brand: BEN NYE


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