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BEN NYE Creme Foundation - Proscenium (P)

$15.98 CAD

Ben Nye Makeup Proscenium (P) Series Classic Creme Foundations.

SKU: P-9

Ben Nye Creme Foundations Makeup are remarkably diverse to subtly blend with all complexions, or to theatrically transform performers into character. Foundations blend effortlessly with Concealers, Rouges, Highlights, Shadows and Creme Colors. Intense pigmentation provides excellent coverage. 0.5oz./14g. Expect 25-75 applications. Proscenium (P) Series Classic: Colors ideal for characters where specialty shades are required. Vivid pigmentation for durability and dramatic results.

Lite (L) Series: Soft, natural shades impart a warm tan-peach tone from very fair to subtle tan-rose. Suitable for actors with fair skin tones.

L-1 Creamy Peach L-2 Lite Beige L-3 Rose Beige L-0 Creamy Beige L-5 Tan Rose

P-1 White, P-2 Lite Pink P-4 Ultra Fair, P-5 Natural Fair, P-6 Natural Tan P-8 Dark Coco, P-9 Black, P-10 Auguste P-11 Teak, P-13 Blithe Spirit, P-14 Sallow Green P-15 Cadaver Grey, P-16 Blue Spirit, P-17 Purple Death P-127 Caramel Tan P-18 Death Straw, P-19 Death Flesh, P-20 Pale Vampire P-41 Fairest P-21 Frankenstein, P-22 Death Blue Grey P-022 Ballet White P-12 Warm Honey P-111 Olive Amber P-121 Olive Cream P-43 Alabaster P-45 Olive Fair P-024 Porcelain P-023 Pure Ivory P-125 Tan au Lait P-42 Ultra Beige

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Brand: BEN NYE


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