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Looking for original gift ideas?

Looking for original gift ideas?

Out of gift ideas or looking for a gift to give for the Christmas holidays (or someone’s birthday)? We have some suggestions for original gifts to offer you:

    • Kigurumi onesies

Kigurumis from Sazac are quality onesies that keep warm, are comfortable and look cute. Several of them have pockets, and some even come with mittens.

    • Beauty Makeup, face & body paint or FX Makeup

For makeup enthusiasts or professionals, a good makeup kit is essential. Find various professional makeup products at our store

    • Why not a gift certificate?

Not sure what the person would like? Why not offer a gift card? Although less original, it will allow the person to choose what they really want. Do not hesitate to contact us to create a gift certificate for the desired amount.

  • For anyone who loves makeup and disguises they most likely will find something they link or to get inspiration from