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Contact Lenses

Find a variety of Halloween colored contact lenses and natural look colored lenses that are approved by Health Canada and FDA cleared.

They're sometimes called Halloween contact lenses, coloured contact lenses, cosmetic contact lenses, theatrical contact lenses, decorative contact lenses, costume or cosplay lenses, or special effects sfx contact lenses. Whatever you call them we have lenses for you. Find a variety of contact lenses for a natural look color lenses or scary look. Get them online or at our store to complete your disguise (vampire, zombie, etc.) or use them to simply look stylish. Some models in store might not be available online. All our lenses are approved by Health Canada and are FDA cleared. Get them online or in store in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
For prescription lenses, check one of our suppliers primalcontactlenses.com and use code IMAGINELEFUNRX15 to get a 15% discount on their website.

Lentilles et verres de contact Halloween disponibles en magasin et en ligne.