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The 6 Best Costume Ideas From Horror Movies for Halloween !

Halloween is the perfect time to pay tribute to your favorite horror movies by wearing costumes inspired by their iconic characters. Whether you're a fan of horror classics or more recent movies, here's a selection of the best costumes to immerse yourself in the terrifying universe of your cult movies.


Michael Myers - Halloween : Play the Iconic Serial Killer

Immerse yourself in the nightmarish universe of Michael Myers with this terrifying costume, perfect for a memorable Halloween evening. Inspired by the famous horror movie "Halloween3, this costume will turn you into the ruthless serial killer that has haunted the nightmares of many people for decades.

Costume description :

  • Scary white mask : Michael Myer's expressionless white face mask is his trademark. Crafter from premium latex, this mask captures the character's sinister features and adds an auro of therror to your appearance.
  • Blue jumpsuit : Michael Myer's iconic blue jumpsuit is an essential part of his look. Made of durable and comfortable fabric, this combination will allow you to move easily while remaining faithful to the character.
  • Bloody knife : to add a touch of realism to your costume, do not forget to accessorize with a bloody knife. This fake plastic knife is covered with fake blood for a striking effect.

Tips for a perfect look :

  • FX Makeup : Complete your disguise with FX makeup to replicate Michael Myer's signature scars and injuries. Use a special foundation to get the serial killer's pale complexion and fake blood to simulate injuries.
  • Additional accessories : To add an extra touch to your costume, consider wearing black gloves and sturdy boots. You can also add a fake machete or butcher knife to reinforce the menacing appearance of your costume.


Freddy Krueger - The claws of the Night : Play as the Dreadful killer

Immerse yourself in the nightmarish universe of Freddy Krueger with this striking costume, perfect for a Halloween party that will give chills to all guests. Inspired by the famous horror move "Claws of The Night", this costume will allow you to become the fearsome killer that haunts the dreams of so many people.

Costume Description :

  • Miter Hat : Freddy Krueger's miter hat is an iconic element of his terrifying appearance. This worn and deformed brown hat will add a sinister touch to your costume.
  • Red an Green Striped Sweater : The red and green striped sweater is the characteristic outfit of Freddy Krueger. Crafter from a comfortable but ripped fabric, this sweater will allow you to slip into the shoes of the famous serial killer.
  • Sharp Claws : Freddy Krueger's sharp claws are his formidable weapon. These fake platisc claws covered with metal will give a touch of realism to your disguise.

Tips for a Perfect Look :

  • Scary Makeup : Use FX makeup to recreate Freddy Krueger's burned and disfigured face. Apply a special foundation for a pale complexion and scars, and add scary details like burns and open wounds.
  • Additional Accessories : To complete your costume, wear striped gloves similar to those of Freddy Krueger and worn leather boots. You can also add a touch of authenticity by wearing a fake razor blade or a glove with retractable claws.

Pennywise - IT : Plunge into Horror with this scary costume

Transform yourself into the dreadful clown Pennywise, from the novel and horror movies "It", with this terrifying disguise that guarantees you will so terror on your Halloween evening.

Costume Description :

  • Colorful Clown Costume : Pennywise's costume is characterized by its bright and contrasting colors, such as red, yellow and white. Wear a Pennywise clown-like jumpsuit or outfit to replicate his iconic look.
  • Whitish Face : Pennywise's face is pale and scary, with features accentuated by sinister makeup. Use white makeup to achieve this pale skin effect and add scary details like piercing black eyes and an evil smile.
  • Sinister Red Balloon : Pennywise is often seen holding a red balloon, which adds to her disturbing appearance. Wear a red balloon as an accessory to complete your costume and add a touch of authenticity.

Tips for a perfect look :

  • Scary Hairstyle : Wear a clown wig with colorful, messy hair to replicate Pennywise's signature hairstyle.
  • Detailed Makeup : Use FX makeup to add scary details to your face, such as dark lines around the eyes, a bright red nose and overly drawn lips.


Leatherface - The Bloody Butcher comes to life

Immerse yourself in the horror of the cult movie "Chainsaw Massacre" by playing the fearsome Leatherface for your Halloween party. This terrifying disguise will make the heart of fright beat for all who cross your path.

Costume description :

  • Bloodstained Apron : Leatherface is often seen wearing an apron smeared with blood, reminiscent of her sinister butchering activities. Opt for a faux leather or thic fabric apron, which you can stain with fake blood for a more realistic effect.
  • Human Skin Mask : One of Leatherface's most iconic feature is its terrifying mask made of human skin. Find a realistic mask representing Leatherface's deformed and scary face to complete your disguise.
  • Chainsaw Dummy : Leatherface is often associated with his chainsaw, a terrifying tool used for his macabre acts. Wear a plastic dummy chainsaw to add a touch of authenticity to your costume.

Tips for a perfect look :

  • Blood Effect : Use fake blood to create a blood-splattered effect on your apron and mask, which will reinforce leatherface's terrifying appearance.
  • Threatening Approach : Take a slow and threatening approach to mimc leatherface's sinister behavior. With this leatherface costume, you are guaranteed to create a sensation and spread terror during your halloween party. Be prepared to scare even the bravest of your friends !


Samara Morgan - The ring : The evil spirit comes to life

Immerse yourself in the terrifying world of "the Ring" by transforming yourself into Samara Morgan, the avenging spirit, with this disguise that will make your friends shiver during your Halloween evening.

Costume description :

  • Wet White Robe : Samara is often seen wearing a long and soggy white robe, recalling its spectral aspect coming out of the well. Opt for a long and flowing white dress to recreate this gloomy appearance.
  • Tangled Black Hair : Long, dark, tangled hair is one of the most recognizable features of Samara. Wear a long, messy black hair wig to reproduce its sinister appearance.
  • Pale Face : Samara's face is pale and scary, with dark and empty eyes. USe white makeup to achieve this pale skin effect and add details like dark circles around the eyes to reinforce the sinister appearance.
  • Cursed Accessory : Cursed video ; For an even more authentic effect, wear a small videotape with the label "The Ring" to represent the cursed video associated with Samara. This iconic accessory will add a touch of realism to your costume.

Tips for a perfect look :

  • Wet Effect : Use water or gel to create a wet robe effect, which will enhance the scary appearance of Samara coming out of the well.
  • Blank look : Try to maintain a neutral, empty facial expression to mimic the disturbing appearance of Samara. With this Samara Morgan Costume, you are sure to sow terror and create a scary atmosphere during your Halloween party.


Ghostface - The Terrifying Mask Killer

Immerse yourself in the dark universe of the movie "Scream" by becoming the fearsome Ghostface for your Halloween party. This iconic costume is sure to spread terror among your friends, recalling the cult scenes of this iconic horror movie.

Costume Description :

  • Black Dress : Ghostface is often seen wearing a long black dress, adding to her sinister and menacing aura. Opt for a long, flowing dress, preferably whith a built-in hood, to recreate the iconic look of this serial killer.
  • White hood : The white hood is a distinctivev element of Ghostface's disguise, adding a touch of mytery to it's appearance. Make sur your dress features a loose white hood to faith fully reproduce this crucial detail.
  • Iconic Mask : The Ghostface mask is one of the most recognizable symbols of horror cinema. Look for a white mmask with black eyes pierced with holes for the eyes and an open mouth in the shape of a knife, faithful to the appearance of the killer in the film.


Tips for a perfect look :

  • Wear block Gloves : Complete your Ghostface costume by wearing black gloves, which will add an extra touch of mystery and dread to your look.
  • Walk Slowly : Imitate Ghostface's slow and menacing gait to add realism to your costume and perfectly embody this terrifying character.

With this Ghost costume, you are ready to relive the cult scenes of "scream" and terrify your friends during your Halloween party. Be prepared to become the embodiment of fear!


Whether you prefer the classic horror movies or the more recent horror movies, these costumes inspired by cult movies will allow you to live an unforgettable Halloween! Whether you're looking for the perfect costume, scary accessories, professional makeup or fancy contact lenses, we have everything you need to make your party a terrifying success.

Our in-store and online experts are available at Imaginelefun.com to guide you in your choices and ensure you find everything you need for your evening. Don't forget to prepare early, as Halloween is fast approaching, and you'll want to be ready to scare your friends and make a splash during your festivities ! Join us now to discover our wide selection of products and let us help you turn your Halloween into a memorable experience.