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Arda NINA Classic Wig

$60.98 CAD

Adult Nina style wig with bangs


Quality wig that can also be used for Cosplay.

lovely wave starting halfway down. It has straight-cut bangs in the front, and gently feathered sides and back, which makes this a very flattering wig - perfect for lolita or other fashions! Short, feather-cropped bangs measure between 6" (15.2 cm) to 6.5" (16.5 cm) from crown to tip and should hit around the eyebrow. Overall length from crown to back with wave is 26" (66 cm).

  • 23" cap
  • 1" round skin top
  • Straight bangs
  • Gentle wave near the bottom

Please note: Arda wigs display heads are slightly smaller than life size and colors might appear different based on screen settings. Subsequently, the wig may be shorter on a person or very slightly in color.

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