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BEN NYE Creme Color Highlight

$12.98 CAD

BEN NYE Creme Color make-up highlight correct and emphasize facial features. Size 7g / 0.25oz

SKU: CH-00

Silky, creme highlight colors help accentuate the peaks of the face. Use these cremes to help pull features forward and provide contrast in a complexion. Use the deeper shades like Almond, and Light Camel on medium and deeper skin tones.

The richly pigmented cremes are perfect for bridal, glamour, drag, and Film & TV makeup artists.

Ben Nye's highlight, correct and emphasize facial features. Ben Nye Creme Color highlights makeup.

CH – size 7g / 0.25oz. Expect 35-125 applications.

Brand: BEN NYE

CH-1 Extra Lite CH-2 Lite CH-01 Natural Lite CH-6 Dark CH-0 Ultralite CH-32 Sand CH-00 Banana Light CH-02 Palest Pink CH-42 Camel

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Brand: BEN NYE


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