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BEN NYE HD Concealer - Five O' Sharp Beard cover

$15.98 CAD

Ben Nye makeup concealers Beard cover


BEN NYE HD Concealer - Five O' Sharp Beard cover - Studio IS BACKORDERED (NOT in STOCK). You'll be Notified WHEN it is BACK IN STOCK.


Five ‘O Sharp is a classic formula that is designed to conceal beard stubble and five o’clock shadows. The concealer is densely pigmented and can be used before the base as a facial corrector, or blend with other neutralizers.

8.5g./0.3oz. Expect 25-80 applications.

Ben Nye MediaPRO® Concealers, Dura-Covers and Mojave Adjusters create flawless complexions utilizing low luster, micronized pigments for a natural finish. One makeup artist said, “MediaPRO formulas exceeded all expectations!” All offer exceptional coverage to conceal birthmarks, under-eye discoloration, blemishes or body art. Ben Nye, Sr. pioneered cover-ups, such as Mellow Yellow®, Blue Neutralizer and Coverette®, that have become essential to artists all over world. Formulated with new MediaPRO makeup base for maximum coverage.

FS-1 Studio FS-3 Olive

Brand: Ben Nye

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Brand: BEN NYE


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