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BEN NYE Lustrous Lipsticks

$22.98 CAD

BEN NYE LS Lipstick available in several colors

SKU: LS-33

Ben Nye's lipsticks are perfect for any occasion, from fashion, bridal or broadcast to theatrical main stage. Delicate nudes, naturals, berries, corals, luscious reds and juicy dark hues are richly saturated for vibrant, long lasting wear. LS 3.4g/0.12oz. Expect 75-200 applications.
Ben Nye Makeup

LS-10 Bordeaux, LS-11 Desert Rose, LS-12 Natural Brown, LS-13 Magenta, LS-14 True Red, LS-15 Siren Red, LS-16 Ruby Red, LS-17 Black, LS-19 Mocha Rose, LS-2 Hot Pink, LS-23 Boysenberry, LS-26 Primrose, LS-3 Coral, LS-31 Hot Coral, LS-32 Rose Glaze, LS-33 Marilyn Red, LS-34 Russian Red, LS-35 Vampira, LS-4 Dusty Rose, LS-41 Cotton Candy, LS-47 First Blush, LS-48 Watermelon, LS-49 Cherry Cola, LS-5 Garnet, LS-50 Poppy, LS-51 Cherryberry, LS-52 Pink Tart, LS-52 Pink Tart, LS-55 Nudie, LS-56 Blushable, LS-57 DoeADeer, LS-58 Peachy Keen, LS-59 Gypsy Rose, LS-6 Plum Pink, LS-60 Wild Violet, LS-61 Twilight, LS-62 Wicked Plum, LS-63 Red Coat, LS-64 Candy Pink, LS-65 Just Nude, LS-66 Purely Nude, LS-67 Bare Mauve, LS-68 Modesty, LS-69 Flamenco Red, LS-7 Natural, LS-70 Fiery Red, LS-71 Rebel Red, LS-8 Cranberry, LS-9 Plum

Additional Information

Brand: BEN NYE


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