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BEN NYE Mascara

$16.98 CAD

Ben Nye Makeup smudge-resistant Mascara


Ben Nye's creamy, smudge-resistant Mascaras intensify focus on the eyes. This Mascara provides both volume and length in a rich and creamy formula. It’s durable and won’t run or flake throughout the day, keeping the most dramatic of eye makeup designs pristine and fresh for hours on end.

The professional performance of these mascaras makes them preferred by beauty, editorial, film, drag, cosplay, and runway makeup artists.

White is ideal to age facial hair and lashes. Clear is ideal to “set” brows without adding color. LM 9.3ml./0.31 fl. oz.; LM-3 10ml./0.35 fl. oz. Expect 75-150 applications.

Apply colors from the base of the lashes and sweep outward towards the tips of the lashes. Layer until desired length and volume are achieved.

For a clean and well groomed appearance, use our Clear Mascara to tame both eyelashes, and eyebrows. To age, or lighten facial hair, lashes, and brows, comb our White Mascara though them. For a burst of color, apply Electric Blue Mascara for an edgy and vibrant look.

LM-0 White LM-1 Black LM-2 Brown LM-3 Clear LM-6 Electric Blue LM-7 Royal Purple LM-5 Auburn

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Brand: BEN NYE


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