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BEN NYE MediaPro HD Creme Rouges

$44.98 CAD
SKU: CR-100

Ben Nye Rouge makeup adds contour and radiance to cheeks and face and provide unlimited color options!

CR-100 The Medley Creme Rouge Blush Wheel is a classic collection of blush tones to help create gorgeous complexions. The six colors suited for a diverse range of skin tones.

CR-200 The Natural Glow Creme Rouge Wheel is a collection of peach and pink toned blushes that are perfect for working on fair and light skin tones. Featuring a handful of our freshly redesigned creme blushes, this wheel is a great addition to any bridal, fashion, broadcast TV, and film makeup artist’s makeup kit.

CR-300 The Brights Creme Rouge Wheel is a wonderful selection of six blushes that cater to deep skin tones. These vibrant shades feature five of our newly redesigned matte HD creme blushes that have been made with diversity in mind. They are utilized in a fashion or editorial to achieve a super saturated blush that can stand up to the working environment. This is the perfect resource for any bridal, broadcast, film, or editorial makeup artist.

28gm./1oz. Expect 25-80 applications per shade.

Brand: Ben Nye

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Brand: BEN NYE


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