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BEN NYE Powder Blush Rouges

$19.98 CAD

BEN NYE Powder Blush Rouges makeup

SKU: DR-164

Ben Nye’s Powder Blush are perfect for enhancing the complexion of any makeup design. They come in a broad spectrum of shades, from natural and soft to vivid and bold colors. Use shades individually, or layer together to create unique hues of flushed faces.

These matte pressed powder blushes are highly pigmented and blend into the skin with a silky finish that is capable of achieving any finish, from sheer to glamorous. Powder blushes are all individually refillable, making them a kit friendly option for makeup artists of any genre.

DR – 3.5gm./0.12oz. Expect 50-200 applications.

Apply blush shades to the apples of the cheeks using a Rouge Brush, and blend softly upward towards the temples.

For a glowing complexion, wrap the temples, chin, and tip of the nose with a light application of blush. Layer colors for a saturated effect, and diffuse shades by blending in circular motions.

Gently wipe off makeup with Hydra Cleanse or warm soapy water.

CDS-1 Soleil Red, CDS-2 Red Hot, DC-01 Contour No. 1, DC-02 Contour No. 2 DR-1 Flame Red, DR-2 Coral Red, DR-3 Raspberry, DR-6 Misty Pink DR-4 Fuchsia, DR-12 Pink Blush, DR-5 Brick Red, DR-10 Chestnut DR-13 Natural Blush, DR-22 Nectar Peach, DR-9 Dark tech DR-14 Latte, DR-15 Coco Rose, DR-11 Passion Purple DR-21 Dusty Rose, DR-16 Cool Pink, DR-17 Red/Brown DR-23 Golden Amber, DR-168 Just Pink DR-61 Victorian Rose, DR-73 Vintage Rose, DR-7 Coral, DR-72 Fresh Coral, DR-75 Nectarine, DR-97 Orange Zest DR-71 Desert Coral, DR-98 Blood Orange, DR-74 Blushing Bride DR-111 Purple Haze, DR-160 Pink Pop, DR-162 Pink Bliss DR-164 Strawberry

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Brand: BEN NYE


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