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BEN NYE Pressed Eye Shadows

$19.98 CAD

Powder Eye Shadows

SKU: ES-30

Ben Nye Eye Shadows powders are known in the industry for their incredible quality. Discover our stunning ensemble of Eye Shadows ranging from delicately neutral to vibrantly dramatic. Long-wearing, matte finish (except ES-332 Misty Lilac). Apply with FDB Fine Detail Brushes. Expect 25-150 applications. ES .12oz./3.5gm.

ES-391 Apricot
ES-318 Au Naturelle
ES-84 Bahama Blue
ES-312 Banana
ES-99 Black
ES-75 Black Plum
ES-595 Black-Brown
ES-85 Blue Lagoon
ES-95 Blue-Grey
ES-78 Brownberry
ES-76 Burgundy
ES-69 Caribbean
ES-88 Celestial Blue
ES-93 Cinderella Blue
ES-35 Cobblestone
ES-538 Coco Brown
ES-50 Cork
ES-784 Crushed Grape
ES-54 Dark Brown
ES-80 Deep Violet
ES-782 Eggplant
ES-56 Espresso
ES-44 Goldenrod
ES-98 Graphite
ES-97 Greystone
ES-319 Honey
ES-91 Indigo
ES-393 Just Nude
ES-66 Lemon
ES-37 Mink Stole
ES-332 Misty Lilac
ES-52 Mocha
ES-62 Mossberry
ES-90 Navy Blue
ES-72 Raisin
ES-59 Rich Suede
ES-82 Royal Purple
ES-32 Santa Fe
ES-68 Shamrock
ES-314 Shell
ES-36 Smokey Taupe
ES-40 Spice
ES-34 Taupe
ES-70 Teal
ES-31 Toast
ES-71 Turquoise
ES-86 Twilight Blue
ES-57 Twilight Sable
ES-302 Vanilla
ES-30 White

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Brand: BEN NYE


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