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Ben Nye Procolor Blush airbrush

$22.98 CAD

Ben Nye water-based airbrush makeup.

Shy Rose

Ben Nye ProColor Blush is a collection of water-based airbrush colors that provide warmth and radiance to the face. These blush shades blend seamlessly with highlight and contours to create a unified structure to the face. 

These ProColor shades fit comfortably in any makeup kit and feature a twist-top cap for easy control of color flow. The ProColor blush and contour shades lend themselves beautifully to the work of beauty, bridal, fashion, and film & television makeup artists.

Apply colors by having them flow through an airbrush at a rate of 5-15 PSI. Deposit a few drops of your selected shade in the airbrush cup at a time. 

Technique: Thin shades by mixing in our ProColor Mixing Liquid, and enhance durability with ProColor Final Seal. Remove colors from the skin with HydraCleanse and a thorough cleansing with warm water. Flush shades from your airbrush with clean water, followed by isopropyl alcohol.

Utilize ProColor Blush alongside the Contour and Foundation shades for a range that can achieve any makeup style from the most subtle and natural, to the greatest and most glamorous

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Brand: BEN NYE


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