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Ben Nye Professional Creme Colors

$28.98 CAD

Ben Nye Professional Creme Colors makeup

SKU: FP-102

Ben Nye's Professional Creme Colors offer a range of 15 shades for creating custom and colorful character makeup designs. These versatile colors come packed with vibrant, full coverage pigment that glides over the skin with ease.

The soft creamy texture allows for colors to be blended, built up, and layered to the desired shade and opacity. These performance quality creme colors are ideal for all styles of stage, character, fantasy, festival, drag, and cosplay makeup artists. Their large size makes them a fantastic value for artists and creators.

FP-102; FP-202 Clown White Lite is a modern formulation of our classic Clown White formula. It features a lighter creme base while still maintaining an opaque white finish. The stark white full coverage pigment in this creme foundation makes it the perfect base for character and fantasy makeup designs.

FP; 28gm./1oz. Expect 75-125 full faces per ounce.

How To / Technique: Use a synthetic brush or sponge to apply Professional Creme Colors. Stipple colors on to build up the desired opacity, or sheer colors out with circular buffing motions. Use a spatula and mixing palette to customize shades and create unique creme foundations for character makeup. Set colors with Neutral Set, or Colorless Luxury Powder. Gently wipe off makeup with Quick Cleanse on a cotton pad. Wash off residue with soap and water, oil-free Hydra Cleanse, or a facial wipe.
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Brand: BEN NYE


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