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BEN NYE Professional wheels

$38.98 CAD

Maquillage de Ben Nye


Ben Nye Professional Wheels provide artists with unlimited character options. Designed in our Ultimate Creme FX formula, all shades can be layered for intensity and thinned with alcohol to create a translucent wash. Blood shades are great to simulate various subtle injuries (fresh or healing). Set with Neutral Set Colorless Powder.

Expect 100-600 designs per 28g/1oz. Wheel.
MDW Master Disaster, ZW Zombie Wheel, MW Monster Wheel, DW Death Wheel, EW-1 Pro Bruises Wheel, EW-3 Pro Cuts & Bruises, EW-4 Master Bruise, EW-41 Pro Bruise & Abrasions, EW-5 Pro Burns & Blisters, EW-7 Trauma Simulation, RW Rainbow Wheel, RB Red, White & Black

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