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BEN NYE Sparklers Glitter- Small

$11.98 CAD

Sparklers Glitter makeup

SKU: MD-310

BEN NYE Sparklers Glitter makeup. Apply to face, body and hair. Set Sparklers into creme makeup or lips. Spray LiquiSet to skin and lightly dust on glitter for a delicate, sparkle finish. Mix with Glitter Glue or LiquiSet for detailed applications. Also available in larger container (LD). Both sizes include sifter fitment.

Expect 10-50 applications per container.

MD-11 Black Diamond
MD-8 Brillant Purple
MD-12 Copper
MD-7 Emerald Green
MD-2 Fire Rd
MD-6 Fuschia
MD-13 Galactic Violet
MD-3 Gold
MD-310 Gold Prism
MD-9 Neon Green
MD-1 Opal Ice
MD-5 Royal Blue
MD-4 Silver
MD-10 Silver Prism

Additional Information

Brand: BEN NYE

Theme: Saint Patrick's


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