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BEN NYE Student Theatrical Makeup Kits

$134.98 CAD

Theatrical Student Creme Makeup kits by Ben Nye


Ben Nye Student Creme Theatrical Makeup Kits contain a contemporary selection of foundations, rouges, highlights and shadows formulated in a richly pigmented, creamy texture. Creme makeups are richly pigmented, paraben-free and the standard in theatrical makeup. Quality components in generous full sizes cover straight, beauty, old age and special effects makeups for theatre & film. Expect ample makeup for dozens of applications for instruction and theatrical productions.

TK-1 Fair: Light-Medium
TK-2 Fair: Medium-Tan
TK-3 Olive: Light-Medium
TK-4 Olive: Medium-Deep
TK-5 Light Brown
TK-6 Brown: Light-Medium
TK-7 Brown: Medium-Dark
TK-12 Cake Olive Skintone
TK-11 Cake White Skintone

Additional Information

Brand: BEN NYE


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