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BEN NYE Tattoo Cover-All Wheel 4 colors 0.50 oz/14 g

$24.98 CAD

BEN NYE MEDIAPRO HD Concealer 4 colors Wheel -SK-11 Tattoo Cover-All kit  _0.50 oz/14 g

SKU: SK-11

The Ben Nye makeup Tattoo Cover All Wheel is packed with colors to neutralize and conceal shades of blue. The textures of these cremes are satin smooth and they’re densely pigmented.

This handy palette is great for quick touch-ups and comprehensive camouflage.

14gm./0.5oz. Expect 30-75 applications per shade.

Item #: SK-11

Brand: Ben Nye

Conceals birthmarks, under-eye discoloration, blemishes or body art. Concealers fit in the palm of your hand in compact four-color or economical six-color Wheels. All are now formulated in the MediaPRO formula for a flawless natural finish that needs little powder.

BEN NYE MEDIAPRO HD Concealer Wheel -SK-11 Tattoo Cover-All_0.50 oz/14 g_Tattoo Cover-All Kit

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Brand: BEN NYE


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