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BEN NYE Wrinkle Stipple

$11.98 CAD

Wrinkle Stipple latex. N.B.: May Freeze during in cold weather


BEN NYE Wrinkle Stipple - 1 oz/ 29 ml IS BACKORDERED (NOT in STOCK). You'll be Notified WHEN it is BACK IN STOCK.

BEN NYE Wrinkle Stipple is thinner than Liquid Latex, and is used to create old age effects. Apply to stretched skin for realistic facial wrinkling, especially around eyes for “crowsfeet”. For transparency, apply thin layer of Castor Sealer before coloring with cremes. Expect 8-35 applications per ounce. Item Numbers: WS-1 29ml /1 fl.oz.; WS-2 59ml/2 fl.oz. Protect from freezing. May Freeze during winter/ in cold weather.
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Brand: BEN NYE


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