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Epic Armoury Basic Tabard

$54.98 CAD

Manteau pour Jeu de Rôle-Grandeur Nature (LARP)

SKU: 14290146

If the legends of the knights are true then this tabard is the epitome of loyalty and pride. Designed to give a sense of belonging and allegiance to a cause, a soldier would wear this type of tabard and give his dying breath to protect all who wear these colors. Embrace the medieval way and bring your costume to life. Epic Armoury clothing is made mainly from natural fibers, with support from manmade materials. When you purchase a new piece of clothing, always wash your cotton separate for the first time, and thereafter with similar colors and always in cold water. On the first wash add a handful of salt to the wash to help seize the color, this will help reduce fading. Wool can only be hand washed in lukewarm water and use special wool wash soap. NEVER PLACE IN THE DRYER!

Additional Information

Brand: Epic Armoury

Theme: LARP


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