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Epic Basic Hood

$25.98 CAD

Epic armoury LARP hood available in several colors.

SKU: 13760156

This Basic Black hood is perfect for any medieval character in a LARP, SCA, Renaissance Fair or Cosplay event. This versatile cotton hood is simple, light and comfortable Epic armoury clothing is made mainly from natural fibers, with support from manmade materials.

Epic Armoury’s Basic Hood is a hood with a short mantle and long hood tail. Handmade by qualified professional. The mantle covers the shoulders, keeping the upper chest covered while the roomy hood can be pulled down to cover part of the face. Made of medium canvas, this lightweight hood provides protection from the elements without being too warm in potential heat. Wear this hood by simply slipping it over your head--it’s easy and comfortable. Hoods are great garments for rounding off your look, and the Basic Hood is a traditional layer that fits a wide variety of character types. Common fashion in medieval Europe, especially with a hood. Hoods were a common garment worn by all social classes in a huge variety of forms and shapes.

This medium cotton product is soft to the touch, but heavier than light cotton. This material wrinkles easily, but can be ironed on a medium heat level.

Machine wash at 40°C / 104°F. Please make sure to wash it once before use in order to make sure that remaining dye will be removed from the product. It is advised to wash with similar coloured clothes to reduce the risk of dye imprint. Tumble dry on low heat, but be aware that it might shrink up to 5%. For general stains or discoloration, treat with a commercial fabric cleaner, or blot with tepid water and a soft cloth.

Brand: Epic armoury / Iron Fortress

Additional Information

Brand: Epic Armoury

Theme: LARP, Medieval


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