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GRAFTOBIAN Creme Lipstick

$24.98 CAD
SKU: J88202

These GRAFTOBIAN cream lipsticks are smooth and rich. They glide on for beautiful coverage and have long-lasting, professional wearability.

Color that lasts One of the benefits of Graftobian’s lipstick is that each lip shade is fully pigmented for rich color payoff. The time-tested formula is unparalleled in its durability and high pigmentation. Each lip color is super long-lasting with a semi-matte finish for professional results. The new beveled edge combined with the full-coverage formula glides on easily and makes a precise application feel second nature.

Makeup artist friendly The lipstick container itself is lightweight and won’t weigh down a makeup artist’s kit or purse. The view window at the top of each container allows one to quickly glance in and check for the color.

Additional Information

Brand: Graftobian


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