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Graftobian Magic Blood Powder- Shaker 8g

$29.98 CAD

Water-activated fake blood powder in a 0.28 oz / 8 g shaker. When applied it is invisible, until wet with water.

SKU: J88680

Graftobian magic fake blood powder is a water-activated powder that when applied is invisible, but when sprayed with water looks like the result of a motor cycle accident. Drag a wet knife across powdered skin for a bloody cutting effect. Great for FX Makeup, for Halloween or for gags.

This powder is an incredibly magical experience for blood and gore enthusiasts. This is a water-activated powder that is invisible when applied, even up close. But when it comes in contact with water, blood “magically” appears! Its invisible nature makes Magic Blood Powder ideal for onstage theater effects. Wow your next audience when cuts, wounds and dripping blood appear right before their eyes. This product is also used regularly for emergency medical training and mass casualty simulations.

To Use: For whipping effects, dust Magic Blood Powder over an area of skin. Whip lightly with wet yarn, towel, rag, etc. Draw a wet better knife across the powdered skin to make slashing effects. To create a “road rash” effect, lightly spritz powdered skin with water. Wash it off easily with bar soap and water.

Tip: A small amount of water can go a long way. A few tablespoons of Magic Blood Powder mixed with a gallon of water will give you an economical way to create a large amount of splashing blood.

Note: May stain clothing. Test before using.

Available in a 0.28 oz / 8 g shaker. Also available in 1 g.

Item # 88680

Brand: Graftobian

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Brand: Graftobian


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