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KRYOLAN Aquacolor Metallic wet Makeup

$29.98 CAD

Kryolan metallic face & body paint makeup.

SKU: 01112-00_silver

KRYOLAN Aquacolor Metallic is an iridescent glycerin-based compact makeup, made from intense metallic pigments with pearlescent effects for creation of captivating make-up impressions on face and body. Application is effortless, with an only slightly moistened make-up sponge or brush. After drying, it can be gently buffed with a soft towel or with the hand - but is not powdered. Fixing spray is recommended if the make-up will be subjected to extreme conditions. Kryolan Aquacolor Metallic makeup is extensively smudge-proof and can be easily removed with soap and water. In addition to the classical color nuances of gold, silver, copper and bronze, Aquacolor Metallic is also in some vivid, iridescent colors available. This face and body makeup is available in other sizes too. Kryolan metallic face & body paint Pro Tip: Apply in thin layers and then set with a loose powder such as Living Color or Satin Powder for vibrant high fashion looks.

item no: 01111-00 for size 8 ml/ 0.5 oz. item no: 01112-00 for size 30 ml/ 2.5 oz. item no: 01113-00 for size 55 ml


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Brand: Kryolan


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