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KRYOLAN Cake Makeup

$31.98 CAD
SKU: 01120-00_natural 1

KRYOLAN Cake Make-up is a color intensive compact make-up powder which is moist-applied. It is very popular among many areas of make-up applications. Cake Make-up is primarily designed to be applied to the face but also great for applications to the neck, décolleté and body.. The preparation-specific base has an hydrophobic effect and also resists transpiration. Cake Makeup is applied, thin and evenly, by a fine-pored, moist make-up sponge. The applied make-up dries quickly and should then be buffed with a dry towel. Cake Make-up is smudge-proof and does not require powdering. Easily removed with AquaCleans, or with soap and water. TIP: Apply over a cream foundation to create added coverage and a flawless finish. Item Number: 01120 Size: 35 g/ 1.5 oz

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Brand: Kryolan


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