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Lumin's Workshop Ultra Light Foam Clay - 300g

$38.98 CAD

Warning: May Freeze during cold weather!


Warning: May Freeze during cold weather. Also available in 150 g.

Foam Clay that fully freezes will become rubbery and solid, rather than smooth and silky even when it thaws.

Need to add details to your foam armour? Lumin's Workshop foam clay starts out as a foamy putty like clay that stretches and blends back into itself beautifully. Once the surface starts drying, it may become hard to smooth lines out, so we recommend a TINY bit of water. Once your piece is finished, leave it to air dry, the bigger the piece, the longer it will take*. Once fully cured, the foam clay dries into a high density foam which can be cut, sanded, heat formed and glued to your your costume. The cured foam clay pieces do not need to be heat sealed but it is recommended priming before painting! *We recommend giving it around 48 hours to cure before painting, if your piece is large, the centre may not be fully cured yet. This is normal and you can prime and paint your piece before it's cured on the inside! But you must wait for your piece to be fully cured before cutting and sanding through the surface layer.

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