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MelPax Foam Latex Sealer

$31.98 CAD

Foam Latex Sealor

SKU: Foam latex Sealor-2 oz

MelPAX FOAM LATEX SEALER is used to prep your Foam Latex Appliances before you paint with MelPAX. The Foam Latex Sealer will seal any unwanted holes and porous surface areas on your appliances leaving you a clean and prepped surface for MelPAX.

Brand: Mel Products

What is MelPAX?

MelPAX is a skin safeAdhesive-Waterbasd Makeup. MelPAX is most commonly used for painting Foam Latex Prosthetics and also the most common used Makeup for a Tattoo Cover Up. MelPAX is the most durable and long lasting makeup available for Tattoo Cover. Once dry, MelPAX is Water Resistant, Sweat Proof, Smudge Proof and Smear Proof.

Keep away from Eyes!

Shake Well!

How Do I Apply MelPAX?

MelPAX can be applied in many ways: Sponge, Brush or Airbrush.

How Do I Airbrush MelPAX?

MelPAX must be THINNED with MelPAX Airbrush Thinner. Ratio 1:1

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