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MORPHSUIT Original - adult

$45.98 CAD

Adult full bodysuit, available in several colors. Please see description for size details

SKU: X01042

Adult's MORPHSUIT full bodysuit zentai costume, Original colors. This disguise is available in several colors.
The best way to choose your size is by your height.

If you are over 6'3" tall choose XXL
If you are between 6'3" and 5'10" tall choose XL
If you are between 5'10" and 5'4" tall choose L
If you are between 5'4" and 5'0" tall choose M
If you are shorter than 5'0" choose small.

The original and the best - plain colored Morphsuits. 100% Genuine Morphsuits from the company that invented the costume phenomenon. MorphCostumes' Morphsuits use a secret blend spandex which means your suit will fit better, last longer and bring hours of fun. Morphsuits are a great costume for bachelor parties, as part of a group costume or a perfect Halloween Costume, you're sure to wow the crowd in your official Morphsuit!

Additional Information

Brand: Morphsuits


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