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Mytholon Kim Cloak Canvas

$67.98 CAD

Mytholon Kim Cloak Canvas

SKU: 988088

This half-long cape with hood offers the right mix of movability and warmth. It is shorter in the front, so that action and fun are not interfered with. The woolen variation keeps the upper body really warm. The hood protects really well against rain and cold.
The cape is closed with a button in the front.
"Kim" is available in cotton and in wool.

Most of our hobbys conventions take place outside - thats why weatherproof equipment is essential. Capes and coats have established and simply belong to everyones clothing.

Material: 100% Cotton
Colours: brown, green and black
Front (to bottom): 75cm
Back (to bottom): 100cm

Canvas is a tough fabric made from 100 % Cotton and looks very natural.

Additional Information

Brand: Mytholon

Theme: LARP


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