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Mytholon Robin archers glove Left hand

$27.98 CAD
SKU: 983786
This Mytholon Archer glove is for the LEFT hand. A good friend for many archers: the glove on the drawing hand. A short glove with three complete fingers, Thumb and little finger are spared and not covered. The strap wrapping the wrist is used to tie the glove tight. The holes on thumb and little finger are seamed with smooth leather uppers. Using the glove will longen your fun shooting arrows - the drawing hand will be less stressed. Material: suede Glove sizes: Please see the following instruction to calculate the fitting size.
  • Measure the palm from the outer base of the pointer across the palm to the outer base of the pinkie.
    • up to 9cm: Size S
    • 10-11cm: Size M
    • 12-13cm: Size L
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