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Polymer clay Cosclay Sculpt

$29.98 CAD

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Make your mark with Cosclay® SCULPT. This specially formulated blend is designed for sculptors and model makers looking to take their intricate works to a whole new level. Choose between Soft, Medium-Firm, or Extra-Firm mid-tone Gray as you shape your spectacular creations with precision and ease. As with all Cosclay grades, our SCULPT line has high green strength, blends with ease, will not sag in the oven and has minimal color shift. Cosclay SCULPT is currently available by the pound in three densities: Soft, Medium Firm, & Extra Firm. Polymer Clay. ALSO AVAILABLE: COSCLAY DOLL ; COSCLAY DECO [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aDB_yixnP-Y[/embed]
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Brand: Cosclay


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