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Polytek TinSil® Gel-10 Silicone Rubber

$209.00 CAD

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9 lbs
TinSil Gel-10 is a translucent, two-part, Shore A10 Silicone Rubber. This product is one of the softest options in the entire Tin silicone rubber line and is best for delicate castings and applications. This translucent rubber is especially useful for Animatronic's and Special effects.TinSil Gel-10 can also be used to make molds for casting materials such as resin (some polyurethanes, epoxy, polyester resin), wax, soap, and plaster. Release agent is not necessary for most casting applications. Specifications & Product Information Product Literature TinSil® 70-Series Technical Bulletin Physical Properties Bulletin Safety Data Sheet - Part A Safety Data Sheet
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Brand: Polytek


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