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PPI Skin Illustrator Slow Activator

$14.98 CAD

Slow Activator makeup

SKU: 70205S

PPI Slow Activator is made with a similar proprietary blend of ethanol and isporopanol to the regular Activator. SKIN ILLUSTRATOR Slow Activator allows an artist more time to work when applying Illustrator colors. Initially designed for the Hair Illustrator palettes, Slow Activator is also excellent for use with the Skin Illustrator Palettes, especially when temperature and shooting conditions cause our regular Skin Illustrator Activator to evaporate faster than normal. A quick spray into the palette and the color is ready to be applied with a brush or makeup sponge. the Activator evaporates out of the makeup after it is applied leaving a semi-permanent makeup. (Do not use anything other than Activator, Slow Activator or 99% alcohol on any of the Skin Illustrator palettes).

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