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ProAiir SOLIDS Palette

$91.98 CAD

ProAiir SOLIDS Palettes highly pigmented Hybrid formula water resistant makeup.

SKU: SOLIDS Neon Palette

Create water resistant, smudge proof effects. Perfect for hot, sweaty or wet events, SOLIDS are highly pigmented Hybrid formula, great for brush and sponge application. Highly pigmented water resistant colors makeup for professional body/ fx makeup artists.

Activate with ProLong for rich pigment or 91% isopropyl alcohol (IPA) for a more translucent effect.

SOLIDS are Phthalate-Free (Contain no Plasticizers), Gluten Free, are NOT tested on animals, and are skin safe.

Due to the absence of plasticizers, minor cracking & air bubbles may be present in the cakes.

Pallets contain 7 grams of each color = 42 grams of makeup total.

Primary Colors: Black, electric blue, lipstick red, white, yolk yellow, bubblegum pink.

Neon Colors: Flo hot pink, flo violet, flo yellow, flo blue, flo green, flo orange.


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