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ProAiir Tattoo INK

$26.98 CAD

Tattoo INK. (NOT for full face and body painting)

SKU: Black I2

ProAiir Ink is alcohol-based temporary tattoo ink that is waterproof and durable for 5-10 days. This quick dry makeup will not stain your skin. Pro Aiir ink is certified as “skin safe” manufactured in USA using only FDA compliant ingredients. You can airbrush the ink at 18-20 PSI without clogging or fogging. Because of the need of rubbing alcohol or baby oil to wash it off, ProAiir Ink is recommended only for tattoos. Tattoo Ink has a slight tack and requires little or no powdering.

ProAiir Ink can be removed with rubbing alcohol or baby oil when desired. Temporary Tattoo Ink is for tattoos only and is NOT for full face and body painting. Please use ProAiir Hybrid makeup for those applications.

Not tested on animals but does contain shellac which is a byproduct of insects.

Available in multiple colors and sizes (2.1oz/ 60ml, 4.2oz/ 120ml, 8oz/ 240ml or 16oz/ 480ml)

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