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Makeup palettes

Makeup palettes

Why should I consider a makeup palette?

Q: I have bought a few makeup palettes over the years, but I feel like I always use the same colors! What can I do to make my investment profitable?

A: It’s very simple: Experiment! You can probably try new colors or new combinations! Most pallets have been designed so that you can mix your own colors.

The designers thought of a chromatic harmony when they created their palette.

In general, rows go hand in hand, so you can rely on horizontal or vertical rows to create new looks. There is no limit to the possible combinations; just make sure you blend carefully your colors. To do this you will need quality brushes; you can come to our store, we carry a great selection.

To mix your colors, we strongly suggest you start in the crease of your eyelid, and with a slight back and forth motion (like a windshield), try to mix your colors together. This way, you’ll have a better control on the nuances used and the colors will appear brighter. You will have much better results with practice; As with any new skill, you’ll probably make mistakes at first! The beauty of makeup is that it is possible to wash everything, and start again afterwards!