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Why is authenticity in makeup so important?

Why is authenticity in makeup so important?

Have you seen the deal of the century on the Internet? You’re being offered a Banana Ben Nye powder (the same as Kim Kardashian) for about $ 20 for a large jar? A lip kit from Kylie Jenner for $ 5? Or even a Too Faced palette for $ 10? BEWARE!

Be very cautious when you see a deal that is too good to be true! Counterfeiting cosmetics products is an extremely profitable industry for those who benefit from it; one has simply to recopy and infograph the packaging of a product and then make a wide distribution on the black market.

Ebay, Aliexpress & Wish (and even Amazon sometimes) abound with counterfeit make-up! Be careful, as the ingredients listed on the back of the product are not necessarily what’s inside! Many analysis of these products show traces of lead, gasoline and even urine;  be sure it’s an healthy product before buying on the internet.

More and more companies are sticking seals of authenticity on their products in order to keep their customers safe. Before buying, it is advisable to check if:

  1. The seller is a retailer authorized by the brand
  2. If the product appears to be of another color or odor, it may not be genuine
  3. If the price is well below the market price, it is very possible that it is a counterfeit
  4. If you buy the product from a third party, through a classified ad site or if it comes from an auction site (Ebay, etc.)
  5. If the packaging of the product seems tempered with or clearly different from what you get usually. Ex: You find a Cameo powder from Ben Nye in a very large format, for about $ 15 on Ebay. The product does not have a holographic seal of authenticity and it emits a very strong plastic odor. This is probably a counterfeit version. If you are unsure of your purchase, we recommend coming to our store for more information. We can help you identify your products.

Since 2017 Ben Nye makeup came with a new design for their luxury powder, that includes Ben Nye banana powder. See image below.