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AFX Slash & Spray Blood 100 mL

$24.98 CAD

The Dark Arts company Fake blood in spray

SKU: CSla0100-w

The Slash and Spray fake Blood from AFX Company Bluebird flows fast though tricky FX rigs and has a strong colours pay-off that wets out fabric in an instant!

No other blood flows as fast through tricky FX rigs. With strong colour pay-off, it wets out fabric in an instant! Does not contain sugar syrup. Will not thicken or block tubing or spray nozzles.

Flows like water in FX tubing rigs. Wets out fabric instantly. Rinse fabrics well, first under warm water then wash as usual. Safe for use in the mouth, but not suitable for ingestion.

Available in 4 colours

  • Classic: a rich orange-red for general use
  • Dark: a deeper crimson for general use and for extra wound depth
  • Bright: An intense vermillion for lo-light settings & dark surfaces
  • Dried: a deep red-brown for older wounds

Size: 100 mL/ 3.4 fl oz; also avaible sizes 250 ml and 1000 ml

Brand: The Dark Arts company (sister company of AFX - Bluebird FX)


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