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BEN NYE Creme stick foundation

$22.98 CAD

Creme stick foundations, size: 0.6oz./18gm. N.B.: Shades shown in the color chart may not be identical to the original product shades.


BEN NYE Creme stick foundation - 5W Rich Tan IS BACKORDERED (NOT in STOCK). You'll be Notified WHEN it is BACK IN STOCK.


Ben Nye Creme Stick Foundations offer creamy, full-coverage with convenient application. This Ben Nye makeup is excellent for opera, theater and any application where durability is essential. Size: 0.6oz./18g. 29 natural skintone, highlight and contour makeup shades. 29 Item Numbers from SFB-01 (white) to SFB-99 (Black)

SFB-01 White, SFB-02 Olive 2, SFB-04 Olive 4, SFB-06 Olive 6,

SFB-08 Olive 8, SFB-10 Olive 10, SFB-11 Ivory, SFB-12 Ivory Bisque, SFB-14 Soft BEIGE

SFB-30 Pale geisha , SFB-32 Light Alabaster SFB-34 Light buff, SFB-37 Contour 1, SFB-40 Ultra lite, SFB-41 Ultra fair

SFB-45 Tres Claire, SFB-47 Barley rose, SFB-50 Golden Brown 1, SFB-51 Golden Brown 2 SFB-55 Warm Brown SFB-61 Pale Rose, SFB-62 Golden Bisque, SFB-63 Tawny Peach, SFB-69 9W, SFB-81 Shinsei Fair, SFB-99 Black

SFB-303 303, SFB-6NB 6BN, SFB-622 FS22, SFB-646 FS46 SFB841 Taupe SFB845 Medium Brown SFB853 Soft Caramel, SFB855 Warm Brown 3, SFB857 Mocha SFB863 Espresso, SFB865 Olive Brown, SFB867 Dark Brown

Additional Information

Brand: BEN NYE


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