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Ben Nye Grime FX Powder

$12.98 CAD

Ben Nye Grime FX Powder (formerly Character Powders)


Ben Nye Grime FX Powder is available in several colors and replaces Character Powders (AP Ash powder, CM Charcoal powder, etc.). Distress costume, skin, prosthetics, hair and props with light-weight, pigment based powders. Apply with brush or pounce bag. Spritz with water, Glycerin or LiquiSet to darken and intensify. May stain fabric; test before use. Expect 60-80 applications per ounce. Special FX makeup powder.

ASH FX Powder: Simulates burnt wood or coal debris. Resembles wood or charcoal ash. 100% pigment content. MP-8 25gm./0.9oz., AP-10 90gm./3.2oz., AP-11 150gm./5.3oz.

COAL (Charcoal) FX Powder: Simulates charcoal and grease. Smudge on for a “grease stain”. Dust into burns, at edges of a bullet hole or onto road rash effects. MP-5 25gm./0.9oz., CM-10 90gm./3.2oz., CM-11 150g/5.3oz.

DIRT FX powder: Simulates dark brown dirt and soil. MP-6 25gm./0.9oz., GD-10 90gm./3.2oz., GD-11 150gm./5.3oz. GRIT: Simulates dark soil and debris. MP-9 25gm./0.9oz., GGR-10 90gm./3.5oz., GGR-11 150gm./5.3oz.

Plains DUST FX powder: Simulates reddish-brown soil and clay. Smear on to simulate dirt. Spritz with water or LiquiSet for muddy, splatter effects. MP-4 25gm./0.9oz., PD-10 90g/3.2oz., PD-11 150g./5.3oz.

SAND FX powder: Simulates sand and and light organic debris. MP-11 25gm./0.9oz., GSA-10 90gm./3.5oz., GSA-11 150gm./5.3oz.

SLIME FX powder: Simulates organic and alien debris. MP-10 20gm./0.7oz., GSL-10 90gm./3.2oz., GSL-11 150gm./5.3oz.

STONE FX powder: Simulates cement and industrial debris. MP-7 20gm./0.7oz., GS-10 90gm./3.2oz., GS-11 150gm./5.3oz.


Use the powder dry with a brush or pounce bag or with a damp brush. To darken and intensify, you can spritz with water, Glycerin, or LiquiSet. Utilize a stipple sponge, or our Stipple and Texture Brushes when applying it and mottle colors into the skin. Remove powder from the skin by washing with Hydra Cleanse or warm soap and water.

Additional Information

Brand: BEN NYE


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