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Ben Nye Grime FX Quick Liquid

$23.98 CAD

Ben Nye Grime FX Quick liquids are a water-based liquid that can be easily used to simulate Dirt. They effectively distress skin, costumes, prosthetics, and hair which can provide realistic details that convey a character’s authenticity.
Dirt used to simulate dark brown mud.
Grease used to simulate grease and motor oil.
Grit used to simulate dark soil and debris.
Grime FX Quick liquids can be applied in a multitude of ways like with an airbrush, sponge, stipple brush, or splatter brush.

Apply a few drops on a Hydra Sponge or sea sponge and smear onto skin or prosthetic. You can create irregular, mottled texture and extend drying time by applying with a baby wipe.

When using an airbrush, you can reduce the color’s opacity by adding in our Mixing Liquid. Final Seal can also be mixed to enhance the color’s durability.

Remove Grime FX Quick liquids from the skin with Hydra Cleanse or warm soapy water. Flush colors from the airbrush by sending clear water, followed by isopropyl alcohol through the airbrush.

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Brand: BEN NYE


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