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BEN NYE HD Concealer - Red Neutralizer

$15.98 CAD

BEN NYE MEDIAPRO HD Concealer - Red Neutralizer


Ben Nye Red Neutralizer makeup is a densely-pigmented creme that is excellent for concealing bruising, birthmarks, or capillaries. You can use it before base as a facial corrector, or blend with other neutralizers. 8.5gm./0.3oz. Expect 25-80 applications. NR-1 Red Neutralizer 1 No.1 NR-2 Red Neutralizer 2 No.2 NR-3 Red Neutralizer 3 No.3

Directions: Apply directly to the skin with a sponge or synthetic brush in a stippling motion for maximum coverage, or buff gently for subtle adjustments. This can be used to adjust foundations before application or applied directly on the skin for more pronounced discolorations. Use a spatula and artist palette to mix small amounts of this creme directly into foundations. Gently wipe off makeup with Quick Cleanse on a cotton pad. Wash off residue with soap and water, oil-free Hydra Cleanse, or a facial wipe.

Brand: BEN NYE

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Brand: BEN NYE


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