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BEN NYE Liquid Latex- Clear

$11.98 CAD

FX makeup without the coloring. Dries clear. MAY FREEZE during COLD Weather.


Same qualities as Ben Nye's Liquid Latex, without the coloring. Dries clear. Expect 8-20 applications per ounce. LR-1 29ml. /1 fl.oz. LR-25 4 fl.oz./118ml.

MAY FREEZE during COLD Weather.

Clear Liquid Latex is an essential special effects product for creating an endless range of 3-D effects. Clear Latex dries with a clear finish, allowing artists more creative freedom in how they choose to color their latex effects.

Use it to increase texture and build effects up on the surface of the skin. When applying latex prosthetics, utilize our Clear Latex to seal the surface and edges of the appliance. Pour into molds to cast prosthetic appliances.

Apply Clear Latex to the skin using a latex sponge, stipple sponge, or a disposable applicator. To build liquid latex up on the skin, layer with cotton and tissue. Once dried, seal latex with a layer of Castor Sealer and utilize our FX Cremes to apply color. 

To remove, start by soaking the area with a hot towel, and follow up with our Bond-Off adhesive remover and Quick Cleanse.

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Brand: BEN NYE


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