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BEN NYE Liquid Latex - Light Flesh Tone

$11.98 CAD

Special FX makeup Latex. MAY FREEZE during COLD Weather.


Ben Nye's Liquid Latex is a multi-purpose liquid rubber, often called “slip rubber”. Mold 3-D appliances, seal modeling wax or apply to skin for aging, blisters and wounds. Fair flesh-tone dries nearly transparent. Expect 8-20 applications per ounce.

Special FX makeup Latex.

LL-1 29ml. /1 fl.oz. LL-2 59ml./2 fl.oz. LL-25 118ml./4 fl.oz. LL-3 236ml./8 fl.oz. LL-4 473ml./16 fl.oz. LL-5 946ml./32 fl.oz.

MAY FREEZE during COLD Weather.

Additional Information

Brand: BEN NYE


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