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BEN NYE MagiColor Creme Pencils

$9.98 CAD

MagiColor Creme makeup Pencils, 1.13g/ 0.04oz

SKU: MC-19

BEN NYE MagiColor Creme Pencils - Cosmic Blue is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.


MagiColor Creme Pencils are perfect for adding colorful detail in fantasy, clown, and face paint designs. Keep them sharpened with our Single Hole Sharpener to ensure precise linework.

Their creamy consistency provides smooth pigment that glides over the skin with ease. The essential colors and convenient application method make these crayons ideal for use by face & body painters, festival, fashion, theatrical, and abstract makeup artists. Ben Nye makeup pencils.

For quick and bold color payoff, apply colors directly to the skin.

Gently wipe off makeup with Quick Cleanse on a cotton pad. Wash off residue with soap and water, oil-free Hydra Cleanse, or a facial wipe.

MC – 1.13g/ 0.04oz. Expect 30-75 applications.

Crémeux et coloré pour les amateurs de fantaisie, de clowns, de facepainting ou de sport. Facile à nettoyer. Affûtez avec le taille-crayon de Ben Nye (SP). Attendez-vous à 30-75 applications.

MC-1 Black MC-5 Blue MC-11 Bright Orange MC-15 Character Shadow MC-19 Cosmic Blue MC-2 Fire Red MC-23 Kelly Green MC-18 Misty Violet MC-3 Ruby Red MC-20 Turquoise MC-8 Violet MC-14 Warm Brown MC-4 White

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Brand: BEN NYE


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