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BEN NYE Nose and Scar Wax

$11.98 CAD

BEN NYE Nose & Scar, available in Fair, Light Brown and Brown


Ben Nye Modeling wax is pliable, yet firm. Apply to alter features, such as a broken nose, extended chin or nose, or create bullet holes and wounds. Wax is translucent to resemble skin. Apply Spirit Gum beneath wax for better adhesion. Texture with Stipple Sponge and seal with Liquid Latex. Expect 4-25 applications per ounce. BEN NYE Nose & Scar special FX makeup.

Instructions Remove Bone Wax from container with a utensil like Wooden Modeling Tool (MT-1) or Metal Spatula (SP-1). Pre-shape with fingers into irregular broken bone. Insert simulated bone fragment with jagged edge exposed into prosthetic wound. You can create a torn or lacerated wound on a bony surface with Nose & Scar Wax. Seal the edges of wax with Clear Latex, apply setting powder, and apply a thin layer of Castor Sealer to prep for coloring. Apply Stage Blood at wound penetration. Apply irregular Fresh Scab texture along wound opening with coarse-pore stipple sponge. Finish with FX Creme Colors. Remove with modeling tool. Clean skin with Spirit Gum Remover, Quick Cleanse, or soap & water.

Fair Wax: NW-1 28gm./1oz.; NW-2 71gm./2.5oz.; NW-3 226gm./8oz.; NW-4 454gm./16oz. Light Brown Wax: LBW-1 28gm./1oz., LBW-2 71gm./2.5oz., LBW-3 226gm./8oz. Brown Wax: BW-1 28gm./1oz., BW-2 71gm./2.5oz., BW-3 226gm./8oz.

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Brand: BEN NYE


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