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BEN NYE Pearl Sheen Eye Accents

$15.98 CAD

BEN NYE Pearl Sheen Eye Accents makeup


BEN NYE the Pearl Sheen colors are our most vibrant selection of brilliant shadows with a silky texture that deliver stunning shimmers for accenting the eyes. These compact pearlescent shadows are available in a range of neutral earthy, and dazzling jewel tones.

All shades are refillable in their magnetic case. The intense shimmer in these colors make them ideal for use in bridal, glamour, fashion, editorial, cosplay, stage, and drag makeup applications. Shadows are available as refills.

Apply with Ben Nye Fine Detail Brushes (FDB) or a foam applicator.

Gently wipe off makeup with Hydra Cleanse or warm soapy water.

PS – 1.7gm./0.06oz. Expect 150-250 applications.

PS-18 Bronze PS-21 Charcoal PS-14 Copper PS-12 Mango PS-395 Night Club PS-6 Sapphire PS-20 Sea Blue PS-19 Silver Grey PS-22 Turquoise PS-5 Ultra Violet PS-13 Walnut PS-1 White PS-16 White Gold

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Brand: BEN NYE


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