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Maqpro Make-up Mixer

$32.98 CAD

Maqpro universal base as it is suitable for all types of skin, it's also a makeup remover.

SKU: 1031
The Makeup mixer is a universal base. It is suitable for all types and tones of skin. It hydrates and prepares the skin to receive the foundation. You can mix fard cream and makeup mixer in tandem for perfect makeup. It can also be used to dilute other MaqPro products. Makeup Mixer can also be used as a remover in order to limit the number of products in a travel kit. So it's a makeup mixer, primer and remover. Fears heat and frost. UNIVERSAL base as it is suitable for all types of skin: dry - oily or normal skin and all skin tones from Nordic white to intense dark. MAKE-UP MIXER = PRIMER AND MAKEUP REMOVER Paraben free. Cruelty-free makeup (Not tested on animals) Made in France. Brand: Maqpro item # 1030 : 60ml, item # 1031 : 125ml, item # 1031 B: 250ml, item # 1032 : 500ml
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Brand: Maqpro Paris


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